Baldur's Gate: Vice

Prisoners of the Seatower Dungeon

Chapter 1 — Session 2

Our heroes interrogated Abdel’s assassins and informed their spymaster, Ulder Ravengard that their questioning pointed to the Guild…leaving out any mention of the Bhaalspawn, prophecy, or the ominous “Sundering.” Having concluded their inquest, the plan to incarcerate our heroes in order to gain Guild favor went into effect. Ulder Ravenguard assured them he would afford what advantages he could – but for the ruse to work, they must be treated as roughly as any other dangerous criminals.

Immediately tempers flared as a half-orc Guild operative named Rand the Butcher spouted threats at our heroes. Unwilling to be cowed by the brute, they struck back quickly, and a brawl ensued that got them moved to an adjacent cell, while cementing a deadly rivalry with green-skinned felon.

Intimidation, theft, subterfuge, and the flashing of shivs carried the day as our heroes struggled to thrive in their cramped quarters. During their first evening, the party was brought before an influential inmate by the name of Rexus, of House Bormul. The stately inmate had a lavish cell fit for a prince, and commended the heroes on their actions during The Founder’s Day Massacre. He approached them with a business deal: offering to aid them in the future if they would deliver a sealed letter to the mage Imbraylm Skoond in order for it to reach Duke Torlin Silvershield. The party agreed with some reservations and the letter was kept with their belongings, while Pelagornis fumed at the encounter…literally.

Abuses in the form of urination nearly began another brawl that night. By the morning, Rexus’ influence managed to get Tellus moved to a posh cell in the upper prison, while the others nervously ate their bland grits during tense meals. It was here that one inmate planted another’s prized possession on Nibengîl “Nibs” Orchalion – at the behest of Rand.

Later, the prison’s enchanter jailor, Casondra Fairweather removed Alan Whitcomb from the cell and bid him to play for her. Though his recital was rough, he managed to charm the surprisingly lovely young mage, who was intent on using her station to arrange a romp with the imprisoned spy. He was willing, and thus gained valuable information about the danger to come,

Against their superior’s wishes (and the city’s laws) the jailors held and bet on bare-knuckle (theoretically) brawls between inmates. Wagers were made by all, (even the warden, Nordir Samulkin) and the fight was on. The Flaming Fist guards arranged the matches in order to be somewhat fair, or to exploit rivalries and further divide the inmates. Aldric Longbeard shamed the sociopathic tiefling Darkstar, Nibbs survived his bout with ravening rats by tossing one of his squealing opponents into the crowd of guards – earning some respect amongst the inmates, Alan was unfortunately defeated by a vicious dwarf brawler, while J’ah Kreature and Pelagornis demolished their competitors – including the vengeful Rand.

Finally, one of the Guild agents within their cell spoke up. She had learned through a corrupt guard that Rilsa Rael still hoped for them to join her faction, and set a task at their feet: to eliminate one of her own operatives, the out of control half-orc.

During their supposed last day in the prison, all hell broke loose. Rand executed a prison riot in an attempt to murder the warden, Nordir Samulkin and bring the guards to heel. With the aid of an old brigand trained in the art of magic, and a corrupt guard, he struck, sending his entire gang against the guards. Fortunately, our heroes were there to strike back, while the other inmates watched from the safety of their cells. In a flash, the battle was over as Alan drove one of Pelagornis’ crossbow bolts deep into the lungs of the sputtering half-orc brigand.

The heroes avoided any repercussions thanks to Ulder Ravenguard’s timely arrival. They were “cleared of charges,” recovered their equipment, and were set loose – to take the long walk back to shore, eager to find out what had transpired in the city during their last three days int he lightless dungeons of the Seatower of Balduran.


EXP: 100 per player (after calculating combat, difficulty, quest, and social encounter rewards)
GP: Ulder Ravenguard left a 40gp stipend in each character’s pack before seeing them out of the Seatower.



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