Baldur's Gate: Vice

The Fate of Vandals

Chapter 2 - 4 — Session 3

Leaving the Seatower, our heroes decided to collect themselves and made arrangements at local inns before touching base with their “patron,” Rilsa Rael. While most of the party made their way to the Blade and Stars, Pelagornis Sandersi IV settled in at the violent, dangerous, and raucous establishment, The Blushing Mermaid. Rilsa was pleased with their actions, and made available to the party Guild contacts and the use of the Calimnshan Jewel Emporium’s upper floors as a safehouse.

Aldric Longbeard separated from his companions to handle some much needed legwork while the rest of the party tended to immediate threats.

During the night, Pelagornis found himself robbed by his (mandatory) bedmate, an unfortunate dwarven prostitute named Kerdrik Lustbeard (undoubtedly an assumed surname). After some negotiating, Kerdrik returned (most) of the gold, and would occupy the iron paladin’s room when he stayed.

The following days were awash with activity: Tellus Casavir, the Patriar prince, carefully extracted the note given over by the posh prisoner, Rexus of House Bormul. The letter stated his intent to serve as a spy and agent within The Seatower of Balduran for Duke Torlin Silvershield. The party agreed to pass this note along to Ulder Ravengardthrough the cat-dish deadrop.
Meanwhile, the party investigated leads into Bhaal cult activity, finding that Silvershield had already sent agents among the religious shrines of The Twinsongs District ostensibly to root out any supporters of the dead god – but more likely to spy on quite worldly opponents. J’ah Kreature made quite a name for himself in the Outer City slums, spending his wealth on the downtrodden and poor.
Alan Whitcomb joined Aldric at The Unrolling Scroll – Temple of Oghma to see what the Loremaster Most High Brevek had to say about recent goings on. The high priest had his own agenda: which included establishing a controlling share of space in the High House of Wonders. Alan was offered lodging at the temple, as well as a space on the crammed public forum schedule.

News began to filter in of petty acts of vandalism, and Tellus caught wind of a Guild plot to vandalize several of the statues around Baldur’s Gate. For the time, the party failed to deter their patron from proceeding with the citywide vandalism. Rilsa believed the incensed populous would turn on the patriars and Flaming Fist, and indeed, most of the Grafitti found int he city spoke out against authority. In response, the Fist began to abuse and eject outer city dockhands in suspicion that they were responsible for the destructive acts. Kreature, Nibengîl “Nibs” Orchalion, and Pelagornis confronted a patrol of Flaming Fist soldiers about to continue with these orders, but talked the overzealous mercenaries out of their abuse. When word of their disapproval traveled amongst the Fist, the practice ceased.

But the rash of vandalism spiraled out of control – this time with the defacing of the “Beloved Ranger” statue of the warrior Minsc. His hand (and hamster) missing, the citizens were furious. The party was approached by he man responsible for rectifying the situation: the Master of Cobbles and Roads, Esgurl Nerthammas. The up-and-coming young noble had a grim task: to find the culprits and put them to the sword to save the city the expense of a trial.

Consulting with Rilsa, the party discovered that Guild spies had a strong lead on potential culprits: a group of suspiciously missing Patriar youths, including the second son of House Bormul. Tellus Casavir followed the trail of the young vandals closely, and in spite of outrageous bribes to the lamplass kingpin Tilda Dunbeigh, he located the noble criminals at a potter’s shop on the south of Wyrm’s Bridge.

On the east side of the city, Nibbs and Pelagornis, hard at work on the second of three days developing a grappling hook attachment of the iron knight, received word from Tellus that the vandals were caught. On the other side of the city, a similar missive was sent to J’ah and Alan as the guarded the last remaining statue in that was yet to be harmed. While waiting for word, they attended a puppet show depicting the party’s heroics during the attack on Founder’s Day, and discovered that a posh elf named Coran had some interest in them.

Our heroes got the messages, and convened on the potter’s shop, deciding to rough up the rascally young nobles, fleece them of their valuables, and send all but Bryce Bormul home. Bormul was intimidated and blamed for the crime, threatened by the presence of his family’s old enemies, the Sandersis, and tied to The Beloved Ranger with his pants pulled down, make-up smeared on his face, and the missing hand tied round his neck. He was quickly found by the Watch, whose shouts attracted Patriar revelers. Though the crowd wanted blood, our heroes calmed the furious citizens, who settled for the boy’s public humiliation and arrest, much to Rael’s delight. Having essentially carried out the otherwise gruesome assignment of the Master of Cobbles and Roads, our heroes were richly reward for the completion of this duty and the return of the various statue’s missing hands.

Now called “The Heroes of Baldur’s Gate” by the local news outlet Baldur’s Mouth, our heroes began plotting their next moves while they waited to see what new disasters would befall the city. The possibility of cult activity un the undercity attracted our heroes attention. Meanwhile, a sanitation strike, and an outrageous Upper City curfew went into effect.

A note from Ulder Ravengard summoned the heroes to a discreet meeting at a Seatower district bathouse. What their vice handler wanted, the party could not say – but their conflicted loyalties and moral steadfastness made choosing who to aid a difficult task indeed.

While cult leads seemed cold, the political landscape -now including Ulder Ravengard vying for Dukedom and Tellus father campaigning for a place on the Parliament of Peers – was heating up. The city was far from free of danger.

EXP 55
GP 106



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