Rilsa Rael

A fierce Calishite progressive who operates outside the law


A human rogue who hails from the sands of Calimshan.


Rilsa Rael occupies a nebulous station in the Guild, the criminal organization that controls most illegal activity in Baldur’s Gate. She thinks the Flaming Fist is cruel and uncaring and the nobles are hypocritical and self-serving. She sympathizes and identifies wholly with the poor in the Outer City and blames the Fist and the nobility for the terrible conditions there— and the fact that, in her words, “the people need the Guild to protect them from the city and themselves.” Rilsa views the assassination of Duke Adrian, a well-known sympathizer of the poor, as a calculated attempt to further marginalize the Outer City.

She is a cautious but courteous woman whose voice is a throaty purr and eyes are sharp as hunting lion.

Rilsa Rael

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