Baldur's Gate: Vice

The story prior to your arrival in Baldur's GATE

Each of you has been contacted, via letter, by a man named Duke Abdel Adrian. He has introduced himself as a politician, mercenary commander, and prominent citizen in the port city of Baldur’s Gate. Near as you can discern that story checks out.

Adrian has caught wind through contacts, old friends, or perhaps rumor of your talents and accomplishments and is offering you employment. Ostensibly he is seeking bodyguards, but more correctly he requires agents to serve his interests in Baldur’s Gate. Though he is coy in your correspondences, Adrian admits to misgivings about the loyalty of his own people. With some embarrassment he admits that he has had foreboding premonitions of some unnamed disaster befalling his beloved city, and seeks help in investigating and allaying this shadowy threat.

That is why he is calling on you, and several others.

His request is vague and certainly seems suspicious, but Adrian’s reputation as an honorable man precedes him and his offer is incredibly generous: wealth, equipment, three square meals a day, a roof (of a mansion no less!) over your head and a rich and powerful patron to back your no doubt less-than-legal exploits.

What’s the worst that could happen from accepting his request?

The worst that could happen is that those who go looking for namelss evil sometimes find it.


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