The Seatower of Balduran

The Flaming Fist maintains two bastions in Baldur’s Gate, Wyrm’s Rock and the Seatower ofBalduran. IfWyrm’s Rock is a symbol of the Fist’s unbreakable strength, then the Seatower is a symbol of its stature and success.

The Seatower serves the Flaming Fist as headquar ters, barracks, naval base, prison, and fortress. The marshal and most of the officers responsible for day-to day Fist operations typically work from the Seatower.

A 400-foot-long causeway connects the Seatower to shore. No gate or drawbridge along the span exists; its length alone is considered sufficient defense, since attackers would be exposed to archers and missile fire along their entire approach. If enemies come to Bal dur’s Gate, the Flaming Fist wants them to attack the Seatower, believing that the sooner they do, the sooner they’ll be defeated.

The Seatower houses about a hundred Flaming Fist soldiers on a rotating basis, billeting them in levels of the towers not given over to the prison and in the two buildings within the bailey. These buildings are the armory and the officers’ tower.

The Seatower’s least glamorous role is as the local prison. Long-term incarceration isn’t common, but plenty of people need to be locked up for a few days, tendays, or months. Three levels of dungeon extend beneath the Seatower. The two lowest are below the harbor’s water level, so they are always frigid and damp. The uppermost dungeon level is divided into small cells that hold one to five prisoners each. The lower levels consist of two large cells apiece. Under normal conditions, no more than twenty-five prison ers are housed together in a large cell. If the situation calls for it, however, up to ten times that many can be crammed cheek by jowl into each of those chambers.

The Seatower of Balduran

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