The Watch

The Watch is the official constabulary of Baldur’s Gate. Although the Watch is technically the Gate’s only civil authority, its soldiers rarely leave the Upper City. Most of the police work in the Lower City is con ducted by the Flaming Fist, and the Outer City is left to fend for itself. The Watch is limited to civil police work, which means it has no jurisdiction outside the city. In wartime its soldiers are prohibited from fighting anywhere outside the city and its immediate environs. Such “foreign duty” is in the purview of the Flaming Fist.

The Watch continually patrols the Upper City’s walls. It’s said in Bloomridge that you can tell the passing of a quarter hour, day or night, by timing the interval between Watch patrols marching past a certain point.

At dusk, the Watch evicts everyone from the Upper City except its residents and their invitation-carrying guests and livened servants. Watch soldiers, many of whom are lifelong Upper City residents, pride them selves on recognizing every Upper City citizen on sight. They also know every detail of how true patriars talk and behave, so they can often identify nighttime interlopers by watching suspects for a few minutes, getting a good look at their faces and garb, and asking a few questions.

The Watch is the only organization allowed to keep warhorses within the city’s walls. The Watch’s stables are in the Citadel. Its small, elite corps of knights responds quickly in times of crisis.

The Watch has nine military ranks. In ascending authority, they are shield (private), sarmar (sergeant), vigilar (lieutenant), sword (captain), havilar (major), commandal (colonel), highsword (major general), and oversar (general). Six officers hold the rank of high- sword, and two hold the rank of oversar. An oversar is always on duty and reports directly to the grand duke or the rest of the Council of Four if the grand duke is unavailable.

The Citadel, the ‘Watch’s headquarters, is a massive keep built at an angle into the Upper City’s walls. The Citadel has its own water supply and is amply provisioned to withstand a months-long siege.


The Watch

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