Imbraylm Skoond

A dashing mage and bannerman of Duke Silvershield


A handsome and courteous young mage with ambitious goals.


This young wizard is graceful, charming, and darkly handsome. He was a dancing master in Athkatla until he discovered his aptitude for the magical arts and began dreaming about the immense wealth a successful wizard could amass. He departed his home to start a new career as a wizard by seeking out a well-heeled sponsor among the upper crust of Baldur’s Gate. With his charm, and a talent for magic, Imbralym quickly attracted Duke Silvershield’s attention. Duke Torlin Silvershield used his influence to have Skoond made a peer (the most recent appointment to the parliament), and the wizard has been his leal servant ever since.

Apprehended and held by the Flaming Fist after being accused of the Smokepowder Plot

Imbraylm Skoond

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