Baldur's Gate: Vice

The Smokepowder Traitor

Capters 6 (7-9) — Session 7

In a flash of blades and grinding steal, the party leapt into action against Imbraylm Skoond’s mansion guards. Nibengîl “Nibs” Orchalion set aside his “eurekah” moment of inspiration long enough to attempt to disable one of the dog-like golems currently trying to shred his allies to pieces with their serrated steel fangs. While one of the house watchmen was battling the party, a second was activating a gift that Skoond had received from his patron Duke Torlin Silvershield: a ten foot tall ironclad golem with a wicked sword on one arm and a spinning sawblade on the other. The iron Eviscerator. A desperate struggle ensued as every man threw his all against this prototype Pelagornis.

Meanwhile, the actual Pelagornis Sandersi IV held up the rear guard against a fire mephit no doubt summoned by Skoond. The chittering elemental laid the bold paladin to waste with a deadly spell of scorching rays. Nibbs ran to his aid but was deterred when the mephit enchanted the iron man’s body – heating his metal frame to unfathomable degrees. With a splash of water and no small amount of courage, Nibbs grabbed hold of a steaming Pelagornis to cast a spell of mending that saved the Gondar warrior’s continued existence.

Alan Whitcomb was felled while boldly striking the eviscerator and the tide of battle seemed to be turning against our heroes. With his crossbow broken, nibbs saw little choice in defeating the mephit but to toss a small handful of smokepowder onto the creature – the resulting explosion destroyed the summoned beast and laid the hapless elf flat on his back, bleeding internally. Fortunately, the others had worn down the deadly golem, whose spinning and bloodsoaked blades finally stopped their terrifying whirr. Aldric Longbeard set to the task of sealing wounds and getting his charges back on their feet. Everyone was exhausted from their lack of sleep and their near shave with defeat in their toughest battle yet.

Barely on his feet, Nibbs launched into a fevered explanation of his plan to create and even more intensified cold-war between The Guild and The Flaming Fist using the recovered smokepowder to give the Guild a terrifying advantage over the Fist, and offering the Fist Rilsa’s identity as a bargaining chip. The plot was incredibly complex, and required a kidnapping, the moving of Smokepowder across the city, and no small amount of faith on the party of the other adventurers. Votes stood 5 – 1 against.

Investigation of Skoond’s mansion turned up no evidence linking him to the Bhaal cult, but did result in ample loot. A suit of magic armor and a wand (as yet unidentified), three extremely rare tomes of knowledge, Skoond’s own spellbook, and a cache of gold, gems, art, and other valuables.

The party was stalled in their exit as Nobbs continued to insist on his plan of “mutually assured destruction.” Through the distraction the sound of a creaking front door was heard, and soon, Imbralym Skoond himself was upon our heroes, demanding to know why they were intruding on his property. He attempted to flee soon after, seeing the odds against him, and failed to get off a spell before Alan Whitcomb’s magic put the treacherous wizard to sleep.

Our heroes spent the next few hours emptying barrels of smokepowder into the sewer and rendering the dangerous explosive inert. All the while, Skoond and his accomplices watched from where they were bound and gagged in the secret basement laboratory. Folk hero J’ah Kreature rushed off to share a message via catbowl dead-drop with Ulder Ravengard – they had cuaght Skoond as the mastermind of a deadly terrorist plot.

While Pelagornis stayed behind to aid the authorities, the rest of the party struck off for The High Hall’s cellars. With the expensive aid of The Fetcher (an ally who would no doubt be denied to them as soon as word of their betrayal of the Guild spread) our heroes found their way into the chambers beneath the palace. Quickly, Aldric spotted Newley constructed columns that hid the remaining barrels of smokepowder. In secret, and under the weight of sleep deprivation they worked, emptying barrels into the aqueducts below the city. Though there were a few close calls…none other thank their urchin guides were the wiser.

Back at Seskergates the Flaming Fist had begun a lightly manned investigation of the traitor’s estate. Marshal Ravengard was impressed with the heroes work, and extremely grateful (as much as the stern man could be) for their diligence in averting a catastrophe. Ravengard assured them that his men were lying in wait for the Guild arsonists who would be attacking the city later that day, and offered them ranks among the Flaming Fist, now that their tenure as the vice squad had necessarily ended. Reluctant to commit to this affiliation, regardless of its lack of responsibilities, our heroes shelved the matter, instead opting to testify alongside Ravengard in a private hearing with Skoond’s patron, Duke Torlin Silvershield.though bedraggled, Alan was quite pleased to see the plucky prison guard mage, Casondra Fairweather. Impressed with his part in the takedown, she offered to make him dinner that night, at her apartment in the Seatower District.

Skoond spoke little even behind closed doors, and though Silvershield was quick to defend his underling, it soon became clear that the depth of this betrayal was unforgivable, especially for a ruling member of the council of four. The resulting jurisdictional arm-wrestling was nudged in Ravengard’s favor thanks to our heroes input. It was decided: The Flaming Fist would hold Skoond until his trial – and a sentence of execution seemed very likely.

In reward for all their hard work – our heroes finally got the chance to crawl into bed and let their burdens wash away in the darkness of sleep.

Upon waking the news had broken: the Guild’s arson campaign was a flop. Guild agents scampered across the rainsdrenched cobbles attempting to break in and drop off Nibb’s sabotaged bombs. But eahc group found Flaming Fist soldiers either lying in wait or closing off their escape routes. Multiple areests occured, one agent escaped, and two died as they went through with their fire and were killed when they could not escape. It was a major victory for The Fist and the likely ending of any relations the vice squad might have with Rilsa Rael.

J’ah Kreature left the relative safety of the fortress at Wyrm’s Corssing to stop by the team’s former headquarters, The Blade and Stars Inn. Before entering, he was approached by a furtive guild agent who guided him to a secluded alley. The man, who’s name was Ditkin, explained that he and his guild cell had recently obtained a new safehouse, and discovered that the building’s had a mysterious basement floor. Further investigation revealed a passage to a strange underground section of the city that lay in ruins – all save for an intimidating temple. Ditkin assumed this had some connection to the Bhaal cult and decided to inform his “allies.” It seemed that the news of the afternoon’s raids failed to reach him.

Kreature recovered his gambling winnings, as well as a package that had been laid aside for Tellus Casavir by the young noble’s cook. Upon returning to his companions, Tellus gingerly opened the mysterious gift to find that it was not a baguette, but in fact, an enchanted rapier. The gift came with a note from his father, Quentin Casavir, explaining that while he could not publicly support his son (more for fear of his wife’s reprisals than political embarrassment) he was proud that the boy was following in his father’s footsteps – facing down peril and danger in the name of adventure. This sword had been with him during the early days of his time spent as a corsair of the Sword Coast, and would serve to protect his son as unrest in Baldur’s Gate heralded dark days to come.

MAGIC ITEMS: Wand of Enemy Detection (UNIDENTIFIED), Glamoured Studded Leather of the Chameleon (UNIDENTIFIED), Epee of the Duelist (+1 Rapier that grants +1 AC on any round in which the “Attack” action is not used).
EXP: 225 Each
Gold: Uhhh, relying on your character sheets on this one. A lot changed hands between fencing, paying off The Fetcher, and robbing Skoond.



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